We understand that budgeting is really important these days, that is why we have included a breakdown of our pricing as seen below. Send us an email if you have any questions or have a budget you'd like us to work with you on so you can get the most of our services.

Our New Pricing Structure is here! Now everything on our site is Ala Carte. This means the price you see below each dish is the Price Per Portion or PPP. It will change dish to dish but will never be more than $20. We understand that there is currently a lot of inflation happening in the world right now and we are trying to combat it as much as possible...but due to the rise in gas prices we will be adding a $5.99 delivery charge to your invoices. We apologize for the inconvenience but we have tried our best to combat it coming to this. Thank your for your continued support and understanding. 

Your opinion is extremely valued here at Elite Meal Service. We firmly believe in consistency and adhering to quality products. If you have further questions about our current pricing structure, please contact us at or text